With a team of highly experienced professionals, InSite currently leases greater than 8.5 million square feet of office and industrial space in the Houston commercial real estate market. InSite leases both InSite owned and/or controlled properties and is a Service Provider/Partner for third party institutional clients. InSite’s leasing team always has a focus of leasing the project as if it were directly owned by the Leasing Agent and caters to the client’s need(s) whether it be maintaining high occupancy, portfolio stabilization and/or portfolio tenant risk management.

InSite constantly reaches out to the commercial brokerage community and views them as an integral partner which helps to achieve the overall portfolio leasing goals.

InSite typically provides its services to customers/partners who are integrated with InSite across several functions, such as development and acquisition. InSite strives to exceed all expectations on all leasing assignments that complement our Service Provider platform. InSite always executes Leasing with an owner’s perspective to all assignments. InSite’s efficient execution of all ownership objectives provides for value maximization as a primary goal.